Dark Theme and other mobile Teams updates

Mobile Teams app has again been updated. The long anticipated Dark Theme is finally here. You can get that active via Mobile Teams Settings.

So why is Dark Theme a important update? One obvious reason is that it saves battery on modern phones. The second obvious reason is that also saves some eyes, when less blue/white pixel light is projected towards the face. These both are relevant to those of us who use Teams a lot on mobile device as well.

I was of course curious to see what else is new. I have found out at least :

Voice messages

Here they are! You can send a voice messages in both channels and chats. I hope one day they will get transcripted and indexed.. to be found.

Mute meeting chats

It looks like a really welcome option to choose to tune down some meeting chat notifications, especially if there are lots of these chats going on. This way you can focus on private chats and choose check meeting chats manually at a good time.

Notification dot

If you swipe off the notification banner on phone you might forget you had some notifications to process on Teams. (well, some might). Or you may even want to turn these off to not remind during a weekend. There is now a setting to turn these on and off. On default it’s on.

More “traffic lights”: off work

Teams is getting more traffic lights. While Desktop/web UI does not show these (yet) you can switch to “Off Work” on Mobile app.

Desktop client notifications: Meeting banner

There is also some notification changes on Desktop client. You have a possibility to turn off the “Join meeting” banner that is shown inside Teams. I have found that banner very useful, so I will keep it it on.

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