ToDo is a handy tasks apps for many uses

ToDo is getting better all the time. Multiple accounts -support, dark mode, file attachments and it’s getting lots of attention on blogs like Luise’s

Currently you can work with ToDo tasks in Outlook Online already – just open Tasks view and you’ll see your ToDo tasks there as well. This will only get better once the Targeted Releases start getting the March update.

That is one reason to use ToDo for task management – Outlook tasks are connected to ToDo already. What else could be connected easily via Flow?

  • Planner tasks assigned to you. No you can’t get a Planner task marked done from ToDo but if you use ToDo daily those Planner tasks remind about themselves. The bad – you need to add this to all plans separately, so choose only the active/important ones.
  • Teams chat and when you are atmentioned. You can create flows to these as well – whenever you are atmentioned at specific channel (with a word #task perhaps) you get a ToDo task. Again these need to be created per channel at this point (active projects perhaps).
  • When email atmentioning you arrives – you may want to get them to your ToDo as well

Those would cover many of situations were I want to end up as ToDo tasks. What is missing, for example

  • atmentions in Office documents
  • ability to create a ToDo task from OneNote
  • Add a task when Onedrive (4B) file is shared to me “Check this file out..”

And of course it would be great to push some feedback also into Planner (marked complete) or Teams chat (“Done”). Perhaps there will be built-in integrations later, but there will always be room for some Flows to make it your Tasks.

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