Best Practices on Teams rollout

How to make it possible that Teams (or any other tool) rollout is a success?

  • Project Team starts using Teams on day 1.
  • Establish a group of champions/envoys that will be strongly present in the organization. These are the people that new users will make contact to ask questions. Make sure you give additional training to these power users so they are always a “step ahead” of everyone else
  • Steering/management groups and champions/envoys/power users start using Teams before everyone else. Make sure you give management and steering groups more personal training so they are aware about the benefits and know how to use Teams well (–> they get value from benefits)
  • Start easy: don’t overdo the planning. This is not a fixed workspace design you do once and then use it until end of lifespan. Teams is a living environment that grows and adapts as needed.
  • Start simple and extend as needed.
  • Make sure you have clear principles on basic needs like when a new team is needed, when a new channel is the best approach. People are confused about these a lot, as well as where the information (documents for example) is situated, especially when company has a separate DMS (document management system) in use.
  • Focus on the start and getting people on board. Make extra effort for communication and nagging as needed. Get them to test Teams.
  • One Team at a time. Train and showcase benefits and value for them – even team by team if it is needed.
  • IT related settings: Teams is installed (or guided how to install) and supported centrally. Teams is set/encouraged to stay on all the time (like email or Skype) and it is set to start automatically.

Measure the progress. Learn. Listen. Adapt. Inspire.

Teams is team’s office

  • Teams enables and makes it possible the real co-authoring and co-creation: teamwork is essential part of working practices and not just words added to vision. Make sure you focus on the start to make this reality and don’t let it slide. Give examples how to perform tasks.
  • Team needs to discuss in their Teams – not in Skype or email. Focus on making the value of shared information more clear, bring in use cases to get them see the Why.
  • Team finds all their relevant information in the same place (in their Team). When a new team member is added to a team – he/she can find all necessary information in the same place. When Teams is used properly, it makes on-boarding also easier.

Start simple one team at the time. Focus on discussion and files co-authoring

Teams is my personal UI

  • Show how to set notification settings so that they suit user’s needs – on both desktop and mobile. However, encourage NOT to disable everything if there is a hint that user might just wants to silence Teams and ignore it.
  • Show users how to choose their favorites (teams and channels). Let them know about following a channel.
  • Mobile Teams is even more personal. Let users know about quiet hours.

Create interest in Teams with appealing features

  • Sending emails to teams. Case examples: plain email forwarding or get notifications from other systems directly onto Team channel. This is one of the easiest integrations ever: just send email and team is up to date.
  • Background blur in video meetings/calls is a hot feature to show
  • Show them how easy it is to record a meeting and how to review/share the recording
  • How to use search box to send instant messages without leaving a focus
  • How to mute chats
  • And finally.. show them how to use emojis, gifs and memes. There is even a out of the box meme generator (use your own photo) included. Just make sure when you show it, since this usually creates interruptions in training – but this appeals to certain people a lot.

Don’t forget to show team owners, how they can control fun stuff per team.

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