Teams Mobile App: add, annotate and edit securely images to Teams

Adding photos or images into Teams discussions has always been easy. There are some new features you might want to benefit.

Add a photo or image

You can start adding a new photo or existing image from your mobile device Photo library (or from any device connected services like OneDrive, GDrive,..). You can Tap on image-icon and on default you get a view to recent images on your device. 

When you take a new photo it is not saved into your device. It goes directly only to Teams, which makes this a secure way to add photos – they are always protected by company policies. And they don’t take up space on your phone either. 

When you choose to take a photo, notice that the camera has Lens-functionalities embedded – you can take a photo of a document or whiteboard as well – directly from within Teams.

You can get existing image from multiple of services connected to your device.

Annotating and editing 

Once you have selected or taken a new photo, you can start adding more photos (+ icon on bottom left) and you can do some slight editing to your photos: rotating, cropping, changing the type (photo, whiteboard, document, etc) or annotate it with a pen (choose your color). 

Annotated photos are not saved on your device either. They are always saved directly to Teams.

What I really like, is the ability to add multiple photos into one “session” and annotate /edit them all – just swipe to next/previous photo.

Cropping a photo is easy and you can also do some manual perspective changes.

You can change the document type from photo to document to whiteboard etc and back again. Just like in Lens app. This is a great addition for me, since Lens has saved my whiteboard notes several times. 

Posting to Teams

When you are done, just tap the check mark icon on bottom right. The image(s) will be posted to Teams, as app starts to attach them there. If you don’t do attach you loose your photos (they are not saved to your device).

Once attached you can edit the post as usual, adding text, at-mentions, gifs and all the usual stuff 🙂

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