Work with Dynamics / CRM directly in your Teams

Today I noticed that you can now start using Preview of Dynamics Application in Teams. This gives a whole new level to work with sales and with customers. There are great possibilities like

  • Create a customer team, access customer account information directly from Teams
  • Add contacts, notes, leads, opportunities etc easily
  • Create a new tab for individual sales opportunities for direct access

Getting started

Install Dynamics Application to Teams from Store

Add App to selected team. 

Choose the channel and use set up to choose what to display in that tab.

You can choose, for example, accounts or opportunities.

When you have added Dynamics app to your team, you can add it multiple times to channels – if you have to. For example in General channel you could have the Account-information and then you can have channels for different opportunities.

Of course if your team manages several customers you can add each of those customers accounts as tabs into the same channel. 

Adding a tab

Once Dynamics app has been installed to a team, adding a new Dynamics tab is done just like adding any other tab in Teams.

In the tab you get a wide view to Dynamics information. Direcly from Teams! This is really cool stuff and makes it a way more easier to work with sales and projects.  

And of course it makes sense to add access to Opportunity directly in a tab.

Adding a opportunity into a channel
Accessing opportunity directly in the tab. 

What’s not working..yet

Quickly testing I was able to find a couple of caveats with this so far

  • I could not get Dynamics bot to sign in to Dynamics 365 yet. The sign in does not progress. Once I get this working I will blog about this.
  • Mobile use is not Teams-embedded yet. I can open the tab in Teams App but it will open a browser and ask for a relogin. 
  • Bot chat is not supported in mobile app yet
  • Mobile App tested on Android

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