You can now move your existing Forms to your team

How many times you have started to create a Forms without thinking, if it should be used by your team or not? Of course you had a option to share it to collaboration – but ownership was always on your account. When the owner left the company, for example, it was the ready recipe for future problems.

Now it is possible to move the ownership of a Forms form into a Office 365 Group – thus moving it to a Team’s property.

On top, the smart Forms creation is live too. When I did the test form, it prompted me some answers I could use to quicken my Form creation process. Of course I tested it with good results!

Suggestions are Yes, No and Maybe – with option to add them all.

From … menu you get to copy/delete or move the form.

The result

The Form is in Group forms after the move + refresh.

And it is easy to use in Teams!

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