Teams allows a meeting guest to start and stop recording in mobile app

There is a possible bug in Teams Mobile App at the moment – or perhaps this feature is intentional and coming to desktop apps later. What I recently discovered was that invited external user into Teams meeting and they join using mobile app they can start and stop recording – overriding host’s recording.

I tested this using a meeting where a user from another tenant was invited to. I was playing with mobile app at the moment and noticed that invited user was able to start the recording and usual recording notification alerts were shown. I assume you can do this only, if you are able to usually record a meeting in your own tenant.

The recording is stored to recording starter tenant’s Stream. So if I were to participate in any Teams meeting I could join in using mobile app and record it in my tenant’s Stream. The Meeting host (or any host’s tenant users) can stop this recording normally – and they get the alert too.

If the meeting host had started a recording, I also had the full control to stop their recording and start my own.

I was not able to do this using a desktop client, only when I was using the mobile app on Android. When tested with iPhone users they did not have the option to start or stop recording.


Pay attention to those recording alerts, if you don’t want externals making a recording of the meeting!

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