My Tasks in Teams: a view to my Planner tasks

You are responsible of tasks in multiple Planners all across your Teamsverse but how do you get a good view of your tasks without opening Planner separately?

This simple feature in Teams is very easy to miss. You need to check out the … menu on the (usually) left side. If you don’t see Planner there proceed to Teams Store and search for Planner app and install it.


When you proceed to Planner app, you get on default to Activity page/tab, so you need a one more click to open My Tasks. On default you see the Group by Progress view of your tasks (assigned to you) in a simple view.


On the right side of Planner app you see Filter and Group by Progress menus. Using filter you can focus on specific time period tasks.


Group By is a great selector, since using Due Date you can see easily what’s in front of you.


You might want to check Recent and All tabs too. From All tabs you get easy access to all planners and there is a working search filter too. Tab Name is actually the name of the Planner as it is in team’s tabs.


What you don’t get to see from here are tasks created by you – unless you are also assigned to it.

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