Lighter side of Teams: custom memes

Yes. Memes. One of Team’s ways to enable communication beyond chat and calls. Adding memes can be disrupting at worst or connecting team with smile at best.

Listen to your team – how do your members feel about memes/gifs and create shared practices that you all follow. 

I, personally, like to use all these little extras in communication. There have been threads when the whole conversation was just gifs and memes.. It is the topic and purpose that defines if this is reasonable or not. But in the bottom: is it fun to all, does it make things go forward and does it create a atmosphere of teamwork?

Teams has gotten new possibilities to elaborate communications since it’s introduction. It is not just about emojis and gifs. There are rubber stamps, monkeys and Bummer Berts. However, are there enough memes? *grin*


Team’s meme generator is the simplest. Ever. Just choose the meme and add your top + bottom caption and you get unique memes into chats easily. Or.. you can upload your own photo. Simple: hit first meme box (+) and choose your own photo to upload. This meme has a single-use only.

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Driving productivity? Not so much.

Adding fun? Definitely.



Remember: don’t waste time browsing through all options… Use popular + search instead!



Fun stuff can be set in each team’s settings

All the fun stuff can be disabled by team owners. You can also disallow uploading photos to create memes. So in some teams, you don’t have to agree on shared practices: you can force them


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