Microsoft Search and Teams conversations. Yes, it does work!

I was able to test new Microsoft Search and of course I was curious how it works with Teams and Yammer. Let’s just say here are couple of snips.

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What was great, is that once I had written those messages they appeared in the search immediately. There isn’t much delay. I wrote those messages, switched to another browser (click), redid the search – and results are there!

Yes – it did search Teams and Yammer messages! Finally a way to search Teams! And no, you don’t have have do a 1:1 match of words.


It is not perfect but this is a great preview of what to expect

This is not yet the upcoming Office 365 Search, but this is a step towards it.

  • No – not in Office 365 search yet, only in Bings
  • No – people outside your organization don’t see your data.
  • No – not in Europe yet and only in preview (I got a North America tenant to test this)
  • No – it did not search Teams conversation topics at all – only message body contents. This can change of course.
  • No – scandic letters are not supported and search with wildcards does not work with scandic texts – which is expected when this is not supported in Europe
  • Yes – it does open the Teams conversation from the search result link
  • Yes – you can search your SharePoint content with this too (files and sites)


How about that Finnish content?

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I am really excited about this new Search. How about you?

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