Forget the Historical – Modern SharePoint Is Good Enough

The modern SharePoint dances with Teams in a amazing beat! Rock!
Also, if you are wondering should do you a intranet with modern or historical SharePoint – read this first. Historical SharePoint is past. The modern version is now and in the future.

Matti Paukkonen

It’s autumn again and now a week from Microsoft Ignite. Lots of information, announcements, demos and most of all lots of technical content, including keynote themes like Azure, Dynamics 365, new Power Platform and Microsoft 365. Over 1300 individual sessions in total.

SharePoint was also strongly involved and modern SharePoint sites are still rapidly evolving. A bunch of new features were already released on first conference day and features released on spring’s SharePoint conference are just around the corner. The future roadmap of SharePoint is looking great.

New features of modern communication and hub sites

Page templates which enable content authors to save content page as a page template. Template will bring elements to a new page created. With templating it is easy to unify look and feel of the content and  bring sufficient number of templates for content authors to use. Creating a page template is as easy…

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