Some Ignite Teams news

A lots of new and upcoming features were announced to Microsoft Teams yesterday. Here is a one picture of what’s happening next – and what already is available.

Note: Have you started to plan how to migrate your organization from Skype for Business to Teams? If not – start it. It will take time before your users get used to a new tool.

Some highlights:

  • The background blur is rolling out to everyone. It is just plain awesome!
  • Priority messaging: don’t let your urgent messages go unnoticed. It will notify the receiver every 2 minutes for 15 minutes.
  • Screen sharing in private chat, without needing to initiate a call
  • Syncing document library to your laptop directly from Team’s Files. Just use Files-On-Demand.
  • Create teams using Templates and set content + settings to new team automatically – For admins: manage teams in Admin Center is a welcomed addition
  • Support for Dynamic Groups in Teams: person’s profile properties can determine to which teams he automatically get a membership (for example based on department and position/role).

See more in the Team’s blog post:


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