Change is supported

Does your apps for work come with “Change is Supported”? As my work evolves and changes constantly, so does my teams and Teams. #TeamsDay #TeamsTuesday

Teams is my interface to my WORK

It contains my workspaces and communications, it is about people (groups, conversations, calls, meetings) and content that is connected to the context like customer, project or initiative (files, schedules, plans, notes). It is a alive-living-breathing-kicking environment that adjusts to needs. Teams is agile and flexible.

Team’s discussions include workspaces – not vice versa like a classic workspace view. With discussion we connect as a Team to create more value and to succeed. We can bring in all resources to team, when they are needed, and on the other hand: we can remove those that are no longer needed. Resources are not just there, they are there When Needed.

Traditional workspaces tend to be in a uniform through their lifespan. Not flexible but fixed.


Teams is my interface to MY work:

You personally choose what teams you see (what are your important teams, favorites) and what channels are important to you. You choose how you get notified. You choose to work on mobile. You choose what and who can interrupt you.

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