My Teams experiences

I have been using Teams actively over 1.5 years. Why I love this tool? What are benefits for me in my daily work? #TeamsDay #TeamsTuesday


I love the way I can stay connected to my closest inner teams (easily, fluently) and yet I can work as easily with other people in other teams as well. This is about people and conversation (chat, calls) – and yet it continues to include all files, notes and other resources I need in my work. Shared with all who need it. I don’t have to “take one for the team” since the whole team is there, standing together.


The most important ones

  • Keep the flow going & ability to work asynchronously: I can continue chat from my desktop, using browser or mobile
  • Reaching out my teams or loose groups from the single tool: either in Team channels or Group chats
  • Ability to call and join meetings easily
  • .. And continue meetings afterwards using chat or sharing files/info with all attendees
  • Everything I need for my work is in my Teams (PEOPLE, FILES, notes, links, PEOPLE! )
  • Old, classic, mantra still applies: any device, anywhere. Nothing is stored locally.


Change is supported

  • My work evolves and changes constantly, so does my teams and Teams
  • I choose the most important teams and channels I want to see: it is my view and UI to my work

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