TeamsOnly so far

What does it mean, when you have fully upgraded your Skype for Teams? How does it change your daily work? #TeamsTuesday #TeamsDay

Last week I volunteered (requested!) to start testing #TeamsOnly mode. This means that I no longer use Skype for Business Online, but instead I use Teams as my sole communication tool, on top of using Teams in my workspaces for chats, files and other resources I need. My user interface for work.

When somebody, in company or outside, chats me using their Skype their message ends up in my Teams and can carry on the conversation using Teams. I know he is using Skype and our communication is limited to chat or audio/video call – unless we create a meeting to share screen etc.

For me this means simplicity. I use Teams for all communication and all messages end up in my Teams – with history. They can chat me even when I am offline – something you could not do with Skype. I can also see my contacts status (available, busy, away, offline) for both Skype and Teams. And I can also use mobile client.

The recap: I enjoy my new #TeamsOnly state. There are some limits (post last week); be resourceful now and then. However, every company needs pathfinders to test how this works in your realm.

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