Do you want to move ahead to TeamsOnly from SkypefBO?

Do you want to stop using SkypefB and switch to use only Teams? You could communicate with externals (federated users) and not care if they are using Skype or Teams. Can do!

This was a hit for me immediately, because there is no more need to open the SkypefB app when someone sends me a message using Skype -> It comes directly to my Teams. I don’t need to know if recipient has Teams enabled-> If not, the message ends up on his email (this was changed from Skype in original post since coexistence and interop modes changed). Great clarity! This work for calls too.

However, please note these:

  • You can’t no longer set up Skype meeting invitations or use Skype for communication/phone calls -only basic text can be used in chat. Attachments, emojis, or text formats do not work
  • You can’t communicate in federated chat with groups of externals, only 1:1 chat is supported. A Teams meeting can include more people (about 250) and you can chat with them during and after the meeting.
  • You use Skype for Business to join SkypefB meetings (do no uninstall the client!)


How is this magic trick done? Set up a user (or organization) policy to Skype > Teams migration:

Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -PolicyName UpgradeToTeams -Identity (account)


Updated and removed from the original post:   TeamsInteropPolicy is no longer honored and should not be used.

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