ToDo to Planner and Teams

Do you often use ToDo/Outlook tasks to keep on track? Would you like certain tasks to be automatically forwarded to Team Planner Bucket and Teams chat? Let me tell you how to do it! #TeamsTuesday #Productivity #Hack

This is very useful for entering new ideas on the go using ToDo-app. You can later just mark your task complete in ToDo and use Planner for follow-ups.

You can use #Flow to get this done.

  • Create a flow event for new Outlook Task (preview), this includes ToDo categories!
  • Use model Create tasks in planner for new Outlook tasks
  • Choose your folder (category) you want to automate
  • Add condition to check Subject content and choose your keyword (like SHARE) that you will write to each task you want to share
  • Choose Planner buckets where to add your new tasks
  • Write task info to Teams channel


With this, you can keep your team up to date what you are doing, and you can be a better team than before!

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