Teams news at June’s end

#MicrosoftTeams gets new  features all the time. Here are some highlights what’s new / soon emerging  #TeamsTuesday

  • Meeting notes in Teams meeting. These are using Teams Wiki, so my recommendation is not to use these (use OneNote instead) until Wikis are fixed.
  • New sharing icon on Teams meeting
  • Add private chat person to contact’s favorite
  • Web version: Office 365 App Launcher and more visible link to encourage app version download (Get app)
  • Update shortcuts, hit Ctrl+. to open info.
  • View and edit Visio files
  • Import Skype contact groups (you can do this only once)
  • Upcoming: initiation to a team via join code


Mobile app updates

  • iOS: Share photos/video on a call or meeting, share screen or content from phone in a meeting
  • Android: Share video on a call or meeting, share content from phone in a meeting ( share video is available on my Android )
  • Performance and bug fixes


I am still waiting for those big updates that are on the roadmap. Perhaps I will see them after my July vacation! Have a great summer everybody and thank you for reading my posts!

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