Guests June recap

While #guest access has been available in #MicrosoftTeams since last autumn, let’s recap what it means to be a guest in #Teams #TeamsTuesday


How guests can access Teams?

  • If guest has #Office365 subscription that includes Teams, they can use Teams desktop client
  • If they don’t have Teams license, they need to use browser: Chrome or Edge to join meetings
  • Guests don’t have to have Office 365 subscription:  you can invite a user with gmail or other consumer email address


What can guests do?

  • Participate in chat (team channels or private)
  • Edit files or notebooks
  • Use Planner
  • Access SharePoint pages
  • Participate in channel meetings
  • Participate in meetings if you have invited them


What they can’t do?

  • Manage team
  • Add or edit tabs
  • Create or see meetings
  • Access Forms or other resources outside of Teams/O365 Group
  • Create new teams
  • Join other teams: they need to be invited separately to each team
  • Team Owners set guest permissions on channels


Admins can require, for example, that guests need to be added to Azure AD before they can be invited. This way there is more control to who can be added to teams as guests.


I find switching tenants still slow, so I use different browsers/Chrome profiles to keep me active in tenants where I am guest.

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