Autofavoriting Teams channels

When adding people to a team, you want them to easily access at least essential information. This includes the most important channels, that should be visible for team members. There is a setting in Teams you can use to achieve this and it is called auto-favorite channels. #TeamsTuesday


The auto-favoring channel affects also existing team members. If they didn’t have the channel in their favorites earlier, it now will be in there. This is especially handy, if you add a new channel that everyone should be aware about. Keep in mind that there is a limit of 10 channels that can be chosen auto-favorited.


There isn’t a technical solution to stop team members from unfavoring these channels. This is when the human-factor kicks in: tell them benefits for keeping that channel in their favorites.


In Team Management Channels-part Team Owners can easily see which channels have been marked auto-favorited, and you can check/uncheck the box as needed.


#MicrosoftTeams #Adoption #Teamwork #Organizing #Communication

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