Channel meeting: why?

How many have used a channel meeting in Teams? Did you find it useful? Some of my thoughts about it: why and how channel meeting is better than a closed meeting  #TeamsTorstai #MicrosoftTeams


  • These meetings will increase transparency and accumulation of information
  • It may also be recurring, you can continue the same meeting and keep its discussion with it
  • You can collect information from other participants as a basis for meeting decision making
  • The files are in the team channel, in the same place where the meeting itself is: no need to move or send files
  • Raise the agenda in a timely manner so that participants can prepare or ask for more information
  • You can take part in the channel meetings even outside the actual time – directly from the channel. Why wait if the need for a change of mind is immediate?
  • It’s also a quick to create a new meeting on channel
  • Channel meetings will have the feature to save them to the Stream so recording can be retrieved from the channel


For example, we have a virtual coffee break meeting in the channel, allowing free access to those who can and will join in. This allows ad hoc exchange of information and at the same time serves as a teambuilding between offices.

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