Good shared practices in teamwork

#MicrosoftTeams is more than just a chat. It is your project room where everything about the project can be found. It is your team’s space where you exchange information and #BestPractices. #TeamsTuesday #Collaboration #ModernWork


To make this happen, you  need to agree on shared practices to truly #Teamwork.

  • All teams are public if you want to enable information discovery, easy re-usability and sharing (no need to give permissions).
  • Utilize tabs and channels: don’t bloat a single channel!
  • Add project’s resources (important files, notes, links) as tabs
  • #SharingIsCaring: save your files and notes directly to your teams
  • Co-author: work on same documents
  • Use extended edit dialog to create messages (don’t just chat)
  • React to Teams discussions in a timely manner
  • You can attend Teams 24/7, but do not expect others to use it 24/7
  • Learn how to use @-mentions
  • If you’re @mentioned in the conversation, show that you have registered it: reply, like it etc
  • If you are using the @mention, tell them what you expect and be prepared to discuss this issue in the future
  • Learn how to DND and mute chats. You WILL need it.

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