Co-authoring in Teams

Are you aware that you can edit the same document with your colleagues? At the same time? And you can go back to earlier version if needed? Or you can do the same with memos – co-create them together with your colleagues? Without needing to send memos or files over the email for editing?


Skip emailing and start co-creating in #MicrosoftTeams and its backbones #SharePoint and #Office365! Use modern way of working!

#TeamsTuesday helps you to get started.


Benefit: get done and ready so much faster and more efficient. No emails, no getting back later, no forgotten editing…


Some best practices

– Start document creation in your team – not in your hard drive or One Drive

– Open and co-author documents in #Teams and use chat for commenting side by side

– If you need to edit: take action and edit (quickly in Teams), don’t just mention about the typo

– If you need to use commenting inside document: mention about that in chat so others know to check them out

– Don’t make copies of the file: it will only create confusion


You don’t have to share files to your workmates, they are already shared since they are in the same team!

.. And you can have an online meeting open while you all edit the same document at the same time. Taste it, it´s a kind of magic…


Which way would you prefer if you want to edit the document offline?

Do you

A) Checkout the document for yourself (no-one else can do changes while you have the document checked out to you)

B) Mention the team that you’ll be doing a lots of changes and rely on OneDrive sync to merge? (others can also edit the document while you are offline and you don’t have to remember to check it in)

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