Of engaging managers

About #engaging your #organization: 

When you are starting to use #Teams, make sure you get your team leaders, #managers and #directors onboard to engage your organization. The change is not just about employees – it needs to happen on all levels and it must be backed up by #sponsors. To achieve this, the management needs to understand why it is important that you all are using new tools, working methods and processes in the same way.


Tip: get your managers into the same meeting, help them realize the benefits and get them engaged to rules and goals in front of their peers. Create a “contract of behavior and actions” they agree to. After that it will be more difficult for them not to participate. Even better, get goal metrics as part of their personal KPIs. That would be one clear reason for them to keep the change in mind.


This way they have also personal reasons to be an example and demand people to change.


How is it going in your organization? What are your best #experiences and #success moments with changing the way your work? How those not-so-good ones?


#culture #teamwork #change #modernwork

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