Teams is a not a another document management tool

#TeamsTuesday thought of the day: don’t think Teams and SharePoint document management as separate processes. While you can’t edit metadata on Teams’ files tab, but have you thought about bringing document libraries and their views into your team’s workspace as tabs? Doing this, you actually CAN view and edit the metadata! Check out the video how to do it!


Team can also connect other document libraries into a team’s digital office as channel tabs. All team members can access and edit files even when they located in other teams or sites, when permissions have been set correctly.


You can utilize document library views, use filtering or search library contents directly from the same tab. If you were not aware, you can also use managed metadata in libraries – just like before Teams. However, when you want to use Teams with documents that have metadata; make sure you set default values to it in libraries and folder to make the document authoring easy and support Teams all the way.


When you connect different libraries to teams, and boost them with smart views, you help team members to access all the resources, libraries and documents they need in work. These are an integral part of their digital work environment. Have you already tried this? #teamwork 

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